Practice Areas

Personal Injury claims are what we've built our reputation on and what we do best. Physical injuries commonly affect not just the victim, but the victim's family, too. Injuries also aren't limited to the things you can see; but include the pain suffered, the disruption to normal family life, the negative impact on your job and the emotional distress that can often accompany a serious injury and lead to abnormal stress levels and an inability to sleep, to interact with family and friends or to perform simple tasks that serve as a reminder of the injury.

The cause of an injury often dictates the kinds of issues faced as we work with you to obtain compensation. For example:

Serious Motor Vehicle Injuries

Plaintiffs' injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents require special skill. We have specific skill handling motor vehicle collisions with large semi-trailers and similar transport vehicles. These impacts often occur at higher speeds and, given the disparities in weight between those vehicles and passenger cars and pick-up trucks, the resulting physical injuries that do not cause death, can be traumatic. Crushing injuries can commonly occur, affecting brain and spinal functions.

Toxic Torts (asbestos, silica, lead)

Man-made chemicals and compounds and those that occur naturally have been essential in many of the technological advancements we take for granted today. Unfortunately, many of these chemical compositions and naturally occurring minerals were used with knowledge of the companies that these products were deadly. Exposure to these chemicals in industrial and household use or through contact with remnants disposed of in a casual fashion can cause serious physical problems including life-threatening illness and birth defects.

Premises Liability

Our clients have come to us for a number of injuries sustained on the property of others. While most people think of premises cases as the run-of-the-mill slip and fall injuries, this area of the law includes much more. Some injuries result from unthinkable conduct visited upon vulnerable children and adults residing in facilities outside their homes. Residents of mental health facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, drug treatment centers, boarding schools and the like can be victims of poor security or be physically or sexually assaulted or fall victim to other abuse and suffer both physically and emotionally. Whether the injury results from an institution's failure to adequately screen its employees or a failure to provide adequate supervision of the residents, the law imposes liability on these facilities for the injuries.