Our Mission-Trial by Jury

We believe that the jury trial is one of the best methods ever devised for resolving conflicts. Tort reform may seem like a great idea until you are on the receiving end of a serious injury that leaves you with mountains of medical bills, no income, and perhaps months of painful rehabilitation that still cannot return you to your former self. Life-long care and lost income is expensive and we do not believe you can lump all injured parties into one category and decide, sight unseen, what sum of money is sufficient to compensate them. Where necessary and appropriate, we will ensure that your case is presented to a jury who can evaluate your injuries based on the information compiled since your injury and award you the money you need and deserve.

Our Environment

At Porter & Malouf, P.A., we will do everything we can to put you at ease as we navigate the legal channels necessary to help you. Our staff each have specific jobs to help move your case forward; but, we also have an attitude that an office functions best when it doesn't hold steadfast to detailed job descriptions. At Porter & Malouf, everyone shares the job of helping you. If you have a question, someone will get the answer quickly.

Even if your case if part of large-scale litigation, like asbestos, you will still be treated as an individual. We will guide you through the process of medical examinations, depositions, discovery and settlement. We will prepare you for a trial and help you keep your eyes on the finish line instead of the bumps and potholes along the way.

Our Track Record

You will find that we are excellent trial lawyers. As part of the trial process, we are used to dealing with a variety of nationally-renowned experts. We have been involved in numerous cases in which the injured parties have received their injuries through contact with dangerous materials, either from the work they do, the areas in which they live, or the products they used. As a law firm, we have earned a reputation as superior plaintiffs' attorneys through our involvement in the last two major asbestos cases in the United States as recently as 2001. Our firm was the 14th Winningest Firm in the Country as featured in the July 2002 National Law Journal.

We began this office with four people and have grown to twenty. Over the years, we have developed good relationships, not just with our clients, but also with our peers. We started this firm having known one another from law school and believing in the integrity and work ethic of one another. Beyond that, we have come to know the defense counsel we routinely find representing the large defendants well. We have been involved with the companies that frequently insure the defendants. From this regular contact, these potentially hostile parties have come to respect us and the work we do. This works to our clients' advantage since the knowledge of our integrity eliminates the second-guessing many other lawyers must endure when developing lines of communication and trust with their opponents.

Attorney Profiles

Timothy W. Porter
Patrick Cash Malouf
John T. Givens